Vivino – The best choice for a Wine App.

Earlier today a friend of mine invited me to join Vivino, a wine app. From first use I understood it, liked it, and would use it again. The apps easy to use UI is really what gets me excited. A simple, almost Twitter like, feed on the front page and only four options of what to do. You can browse this feed and see wines the people you follow have ranked, you can check what wines you’ve already ranked, check out recommendations and wines across all of Vivino’s platform, and (the best part) get locations for places that have wine near you.

I’ll call it the Twitter for wine, but to be honest I argue it’s laid out much better. Seeing simple pictures of the wines with the ranking, where it’s from, and the comment by the wine poster you really get all the information you need quickly. Far too often Twitter will have outsourced links, but Vivino has made it so you want to stay on their app and just keep browsing for new wines to try.

The biggest downside for me is finding people who use it. I’m not sure what their marketing strategy is, but I was shocked that across all social media platforms the only person who had the app was the person who invited me to try it. Sure I could invite people to try it, but just sending an invite doesn’t do the app justice, it’s a great app, but really needs users. Who knows, maybe because I’m from Michigan there just aren’t a lot of wine-o’s, instead they focus on their beer. Whatever the case is I don’t think it’s ever bad when a customer is excited like me and just wants more people to use it to make it more interactive.

Overall, I am excited to have my new wine app on my phone. I think a lot of people over do food and drink apps, and Vivino showed me different. A great concept for an app that I hope gains market share and becomes a dominate app for wine drinkers everywhere!

brandon jp scott

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