Lifepoints Publishing’s Lifebook will be going mobile

By Brandon

July 29, 2013 Freelance Work 1 Comment


Marikha holding up the first test of the beta for the Lifebook mobile app!

Marikha holding up the first test of the beta for the Lifebook mobile app!

Venera Group has been working with a startup out of Coldwater, Michigan called Lifepoints Publishing (@lifepointspub).  The company develops tools to help people manage their personal records in the most efficient and helpful way possible.  Their first product, the Lifebook, is a medical record keeping platform developed for those with  chronic illness (like cancer) and provides them coaching, helpful hints, and tools to be the best patient they can be.  The product’s slogan is “You can do this” which sums up exactly what Lifepoints Publishing was trying to accomplish with the Lifebook.  The Lifebook is all about helping make you the best doctor when it comes to yourself because let’s face it, you know yourself better than anyone else.

Currently the Lifebook is available only in hardcopy form and can be found on their website here.  However, since Venera Group has joined the team, we have decided to expand the product into mobile platforms!  We are currently working on the beta version for iOS 7 and hope to release the app at or around that time.  Check out the mock up for one of the screens designed by Marikha (@meeekahh) earlier this month which you can see her holding in the picture to the left.

We are really excited about working with this product and this company.  Lifepoints Publishing has a solid background with medical, business, and education professionals.  They are years of experience in their fields, and adding our touch of young talent is what we believe could be the touch of magic the company needs!

Be on the lookout for updates from their twitter and website! I highly recommend checking out the Lifebook as a serious way to relieve yourself of the serious headache that is medical record keeping.

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