Be the face of your startup.

By Brandon

October 10, 2013 Startups 1 Comment

Perhaps a classic madmen look is what the company needs?

Perhaps a classic madmen look is what the company needs?

There is a lot to learn as an entrepreneur. Coming from a computer science background it’s easiest to say the start of the curve is entering business, however this part passes quicker for those who surround themselves with people who have a entrepreneurial business background.  The second, more important, part is acceptance.  You spent days, weeks, months, sometimes years on your startup and you KNOW it is going to revolutionize the industry, but so many people forget – you’re the only one who knows.  Preparing to enter any market, preparing to handle any customer, and preparing to pitch to any investor are far different than preparing for acceptance.  In-order to be prepared for acceptance you have to be prepared for success, which is arguably what many entrepreneurs forget to do throughout the course of their work.

When I started work on my startup Petdal I was met by friends, family, and colleagues always attempting to prepare me for worse case scenarios.  What if this and what if that? How could I be best prepared for a circumstance I didn’t see coming, a circumstance involving failure.  After a while, many people get so caught up in this that they forget to think about what happens when success comes?  What happens when my idea is accepted by the masses and I need to start playing the part of a real leader?  What happens when my face no longer is shadowed behind the mystery of being a rouge startup?

This something I just recently started to think about, especially since we are starting to get recognition, and it’s something every entrepreneur should think about from the start.  You have to wake up and begin work, with the judgement beginning the moment you walk out of your house.  Expect that everyone who you meet, talk to, or have the slightest interaction with is making an impression because sooner or later that person will see your face again, and their initial reaction will be what they first think about when that day comes.  So my advice?  Always be prepared and treat yourself like a pitch because you not only pitch your product, but you pitch yourself and your team.  Remember that your product is only half the battle and you are the other.  People may invest based on you and the team because they want to work with you, so don’t cut yourself and your idea short.  You work day in and day out on this idea and now you need to represent it day in and day out.  Great products are made everyday, but successful ones come only once in a while.  The successful ones are ran by those who live, eat, and breath their product – they are the face to the product.

Be the face to your product and even you’ll understand it better than you did before.

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