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By Brandon

October 11, 2013 Apps Media Tech 1 Comment

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When I got my new Samsung Galaxy S4 I quickly realized it’s superiority to my previous far inferior iPhone 4s.  I realized it’s superiority the most in the way I could navigate and curate news.  I had all my news and updates flashing before me, and a lot of which I want to read but am not able to at the moment.  I like Evernote, but I stumbled upon Pocket (@Pocket) when browsing for article curators, and this is bar none the best.

Pocket is built in to virtually ever app and you can add a story to your pocket in click of a button.  The articles are nicely sorted and come with a great UI to read them in.  It’s as if Pocket is the place you put all the best news clips and go back and look at them later.  Sure instant news might not be the best, but I love using it for saving long articles or articles about advancing my entrepreneurship skills.  Pocket gives internet articles a “timely” feeling and makes them a bit more tangible to users, which I applaud in a day and age when news is coming and going faster than ever.

Check out Pocket’s website and try it out!  It comes as an app for your phone, an app for your computer, and an add on for your browser.  It’s perfect for the person who browses media quickly and often who wants to save articles for a more in-depth read.

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