And on February 4, 2004…

Everyone has been buzzing about Facebook’s great accomplishment, today marks it’s ten year anniversary! You can check out their “Look Back” feature as a celebratory creep on your life over the past ten years. The feature goes through a highlight of all your events on Facebook since you created it. This can be fun, exciting, scary, depressing, and every emotion in-between; all dependent on how you’ve acted over the years.

Despite this, and all the haters, I think today is a day worth celebrating among the start up community. This day ten years ago a young adult took computer science and turned it into the largest online social platform to-date, and did it fast. Forget about the woes, forget about what it has become, and remember the dedication and hard work that went into it. Today is a true testament to the profession, so give me a high five computer scientists because today ten years ago one of your brothers started the long journey to technological freedom and understanding.

Prior to this there was nothing that really brought the people of the internet together. We had Google, where we all searched, but really other than that what was there? The lackluster and constantly down MySpace? Facebook created the buzz for a social revolution, they started today’s huge trend in young leaders. People from all shapes and sizes can lead the fight in any campaign they dream by the use of Facebook. Reddit calls itself the “front page of the internet,” but unfortunately to them the true front page is Facebook. It’s most people’s number one stop when they want to see almost anything, a feat that is simply astounding.

On February 4, 2004 Mark Zuckerberg created the outlet the internet needed to truly expose, a home. Sure it’s been tainted over the years but with over a billion visitors a month and arguably the greatest computer scientist of our generation at it’s helm. Facebook gave rise to the idea young entrepreneurs can not only create apps like Instagram and Snapchat, but be the leader of the team for years to come. The past ten years of innovation can all somehow be attributed to the rise of Facebook. So let us all take a step back, see it’s beauty and what it’s accomplished, and thank their team. Congratulations on ten years Facebook, and here’s to ten more. Cheers!

brandon jp scott

My name is Brandon, and I like to make things. I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer and Linux Security Engineer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I started programming when some childhood friends and I decided to make a private Ragnarok Online server and host it in my parents basement. I got designated "code guy", fell in love, and never looked back. I started teaching myself as much as I could, and started my first online entity, a non-profit, with a high school classmate. Eventually I took this love to the University of Michigan where I studied Computer Science Engineering and Entrepreneurship. During my time there I was lucky enough to work for two iconic tech companies, Automattic and Google. Currently, I am the Technology Director of Argo Labs, an Ann Arbor based digital engineering, design, videography, and content marketing company aiming to build a more unique web that I cofounded in July 2015.

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