Car rides make you think.

You get to smell the fresh air from state to state

Car rides tell you a lot about a person. They test your patience, give you time to think, and provide an experience beyond that of a airplane. You get to smell the fresh air from state to state and hear the gradual change in accent as you get closer and closer to your destination.

You get to stop in cool places and learn fun facts along the way. Did you know Davey Crockett was very against the Indian Removal Act? So much so he left Tennessee? I didn’t, but I learned that from my sister on a drive today. I learned from my dad that Corbin, Kentucky is where Colonel Sanders was born and raised, like what?!

Perhaps you knew these things but never told anyone. Perhaps you have some fun facts about a different state or place in time a whole lot of people don’t know. However, I bet you that you will be able to spread that knowledge with someone on a car ride one day. Next time you have the choice between a plane or a car, pick the car. Pick the drive. Heck, if you can – take a walk.

Whatever the case may be, conversing and spending time learning from the people around you surely is a better way to spend your travel time than glued to a tv attached to a moving backrest that’s playing re-runs of movies you saw when you were five.

brandon jp scott

My name is Brandon, and I like to make things. I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer and Linux Administrator from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I started programming when some childhood friends and I decided to make a private Ragnarok Online server and host it in my parents basement. I got designated "code guy", fell in love, and never looked back. I started teaching myself as much as I could, and started my first online entity, a non-profit, with a high school classmate. Eventually I took this love to the University of Michigan where I studied Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics. During my time there I was lucky enough to work for two iconic tech companies, Automattic and Google. Currently, I am the Technology Director of Argo Labs, an Ann Arbor based digital engineering, design, videography, and content marketing company aiming to build a more unique web that I cofounded in July 2015 with two of my best friends.

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