13 Hours shows how much we don’t understand about each other.

What happened was tragic.

Tonight my roommates and I watched 13 Hours, the movie that depicts what happened in Benghazi. The film is really well made and I almost didn’t have enough time to write this post because I was too busy watching it. What happened was tragic. It really puts in perspective how lucky we are to live in a stable country and how tumultuous the politics are in the Middle East.

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The solution to gun control is to stop debating gun control

My stance on gun control has always been stone cold.

I posted this video on my Facebook profile today and really only shared it because I thought it was hilarious. My stance on gun control has always been stone cold. I didn’t see what all the fuss was about over little things like background checks, restrictions seemed obvious, and I’ve always thought that guns were just kinda… pointless? I mean, a couple of years ago I wrote a piece that ends with a depiction of gun owners as unsympathetic and questioned their ethics. So I obviously have never understood the theory behind the right to bear arms.

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Marriage Equality: celebrations erupt quickly nationwide – Ann Arbor no exception.

Originally published on The Sexy Politico

Thank you, Justice Kennedy, you shall indeed be eternalized as a gay rights icon. After his heroic “aye” this morning, Justice Kennedy was the lone conservative vote needed to end the long struggle for Marriage Equality in all 50 states. As soon as the news broke, celebrations began right outside the Supreme Court entrance. The rest of the nation swiftly followed suit. Here in Michigan, they began in the blink of an eye and couples wasted no time getting to their local courthouses.

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A detailed look at both sides of the Confederate flag debate.

Originally published on The Sexy Politico
Co-authored by @jacquscott

In the wake of the Charleston Massacre, images of confessed gunman Dylann Wolf pictured with the Confederated flag draped around him have caused a national outcry. Many South Carolinians immediately called for the flag’s removal from the capitol grounds. On Tuesday, Governor Nikki Haley pleaded for the same.

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What is this so called gun control debate?

Police in front of Sandy Hook Elementary (photo: wikipedia.org)

Early today @WolfBlitzer interviewed a member of People Magazine that was a part of the team that went to Newtown, Connecticut and did an amazing piece about all the intiment stories of the people that tragically lost their loved ones in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The article tells the story of how the many people affected by this shooting deal with their loss and how they try and reach out to communities. They spoke of one thing that they all want to be remembered and that is kindness.

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What is North Korea’s true threat to the American people?

Kim Jong-Un addressing his military forces

Updated for thesexypolitico.com on April 30th, 2015

When isn’t North Korea in the news? Whether it’s cutting it’s military hotline to South Korea in 2013, hacking Sony’s network in 2014, or just today when we found out Kim Jong-un is executing his own people by the dozens, North Korea is everywhere. Yet, while we all watch it, we are all mostly unsure if North Korea is a true threat to the American people.

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Former President Bill Clinton’s approval of gay marriage changing history?

Former President Bill Clinton signing a bill during office. (Photo: wired.com)

In 1996, acting President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law which defined marriage, under federal law, as the union between one man and one woman. This is undoubtedly now a concept that has been a topic of hot debate in recent years and especially recent months. People are already waiting for their tickets to the Supreme Court hearings to take place. It’s not at all surprising that President Clinton came out in support, especially since the Democratic party went pro-gay in their platform.

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Obama Administration discusses texting and driving distractions.

“We are aiming to cut down distractions in cars…removal of the cellphone.”

Obama Administration

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