Be the face of your startup.

Donald Draper, the madmen game is strong in this one. (photo:

There is a lot to learn as an entrepreneur. Coming from a computer science background it’s easiest to say the start of the curve is entering business, however this part passes quicker for those who surround themselves with people who have a entrepreneurial business background. The second, more important, part is acceptance. You spent days, weeks, months, sometimes years on your startup and you KNOW it is going to revolutionize the industry, but so many people forget – you’re the only one who knows.

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Dallas made me understand it isn’t the idea that matters, but the team.

The team that went to Dallas together.

At the end of June my business partners and myself decided to go to Dallas, Texas for a while to get a change of pace from our routine lives in Ann Arbor. As the majority of people reading this know, we went down there to start work on our startup company, Petdal. However after a few days we all sat down and came to the conclusion to try something new.

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