The anti-sterotypical story that led me to set sail on a hundred day voyage

All I could hear was generic bschool-kid garbage

I hadn’t seen my friend Joe in four, maybe five years when we randomly ran into each other last winter. We began hanging out regularly and he would always bring up this one friend from his fraternity who he believed would be a great author for The Sexy Politico (TSP). The Sexy Politico is a client of Argo Labs, the business I confounded last July, but we’re not apart of the new author process; so we told him to have his friend email the Editor or Publisher at TSP to get started. Joe didn’t want that. Joe insisted either Marikha or I have direct contact via phone, video, email, or whatever.

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Be the face of your startup.

Donald Draper, the madmen game is strong in this one. (photo:

There is a lot to learn as an entrepreneur. Coming from a computer science background it’s easiest to say the start of the curve is entering business, however this part passes quicker for those who surround themselves with people who have a entrepreneurial business background. The second, more important, part is acceptance. You spent days, weeks, months, sometimes years on your startup and you KNOW it is going to revolutionize the industry, but so many people forget – you’re the only one who knows.

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