Is it good that Google could potentially control the entire Internet?

Google is like the Borg, but then again – so are all the others.

The Internet as a whole is a very breath-taking idea for any one person to really comprehend.  Yet it is abused by the average person every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day.  Since the first satellite went into the sky in 1957 with the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik during the Cold War, the world has been craving connectivity on an easier level.

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Facebook: Fun Facts Not in “The Social Network”

Everyone here has probably seen the new movie, or heard about it, called “The Social Network” which depicts the life of Mark Zuckerberg, Edwardo Saverin, and Sean Parker, who were the original “faces” of Facebook. In the movie it shows betrayal, scheming, and irony. However, there are some things that they missed out on that are somewhat humorous. So here is a short list, intriguing, of the fun things the movie left out.

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Wireshark: A “Network Protocol Analyzer”

Wireshark’s slogan is only two words: Go Deep. With Wireshark that’s exactly what you do, go deep into the information around you. It can be very deadly, like a shark (hence the name?). Originally wrote by the creator of Wireshark, Gerald Combs, to analyze the data offline and online of the traffic coming through your computer and the server you are a part of if you are an administrator. So in essence, it was a good tool in order to for Network Administrators to know what’s happening in their networks. However, the intelligence of those who create things are usually matched and out done by others, and that’s exactly what the over 600 contributors did, now Wireshark, with a little bit of ability to code and manipulate, can be a weapon of personal information infringement.

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What Exactly is Ping?

For the past few months people have seen and heard about a new item that came out with the iTunes 10 update called Ping. However, most people couldn’t tell someone exactly what Ping is because they never took the time to look into the finer details of what it is and what it has done for the music industry. However, I have taken the time to show exactly what Ping is with a little bit of something for you. So here, it is.

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Mac OS X Lion – Topping the first 7 generations.

Introducing the newest Mac OS X: Lion

What’s different?

1. App Store
2. Launch Pad
3. Full Screen Applications
4. Mission Control

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