Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is simply the worst.

I made the switch from all Apple products at the beginning of this year, and switched from the iPhone 4s to the Galaxy S4.  At first I was overly excited.  I love the Android Operating system, and do believe it is the future of mobile.  Still in love with it, the problem the operating system has is the phones made for it (Google’s Nexus Line) are all middle of the road.  So in-order to be on the “cutting edge”  I decided to go with either the HTC One of the Galaxy S4.  One of my colleagues had just gotten an S4 around the time I purchased mine and I like the features, so I got one.

The troubles have nothing to do with the way the machine functions and everything to do with the machine itself.  I was use to the iPhone’s strong glass body that I had never once replace, however within a week of purchase the screen on my S4 shattered.  The phone didn’t fall from eye level, table level, or any reasonable distance for it to be my fault.  It was in my shirt’s front pocket and it fell no more than 6 inches while I was crouching down and left huge cracks in the screen.  So, I paid the ridiculous 200$ replacement fee and got a new one.  I should have learned my lesson and asked to get a different phone, but I was confident that maybe it was my fault.

When the second one came in the mail I was bound and determined to not let it break so I purchased a heavy duty case, but to no avail.  I was at the bar one night and it fell from my hand onto the ground with the screen facing up and completely shattered!  The case seemed non-existent and I was stuck with another broken phone.  Broken much worse than the first one, I eventually switched back because I couldn’t handle the shattered screen.  All was fine, I was living with it, until earlier today.

Earlier today I got out of class and was walking to my car.  My phone was in my coat pocket playing Zedd’s new jam Find You and it fell out.  Of course it was in the case, so I thought nothing of it, the sound still worked!  I didn’t bother to check it and put it back into my pocket.  When I got to my car and tried to turn on the screen to play some music on my drive home the screen didn’t work!  For some reason the phone (which again fell screen up) decided it no longer needed to work, so I had to yet again switch to the other extremely cracked Galaxy S4, completely ruining my day.

Despite the amazing operating system on this phone, it’s a piece of garbage as a machine.  The features that are supposed to be so cool (like not having to touch the screen) only work in very circumstantial situation and not to mention a battery that lasts as long as a virgin during their first time.  I cannot stress the hatred I have for this phone I must live with anymore, it’s terrible and never buy it.

Alas I am stuck with it, thanks AT&T for having this whole “contract” thing, should I switch to T-Mobile and get an HTC One?  I think so.

brandon jp scott

My name is Brandon, and I like to make things. I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer and Linux Security Engineer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I started programming when some childhood friends and I decided to make a private Ragnarok Online server and host it in my parents basement. I got designated "code guy", fell in love, and never looked back. I started teaching myself as much as I could, and started my first online entity, a non-profit, with a high school classmate. Eventually I took this love to the University of Michigan where I studied Computer Science Engineering and Entrepreneurship. During my time there I was lucky enough to work for two iconic tech companies, Automattic and Google. Currently, I am the Technology Director of Argo Labs, an Ann Arbor based digital engineering, design, videography, and content marketing company aiming to build a more unique web that I cofounded in July 2015.

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