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And on February 4, 2004…

Everyone has been buzzing about Facebook’s great accomplishment, today marks it’s ten year anniversary! You can check out their “Look Back” feature as a celebratory creep on your life over the past ten years. The feature goes through a highlight of all your events on Facebook since you created it. This can be fun, exciting, scary, depressing, and every emotion in-between; all dependent on how you’ve acted over the years.

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Facebook: Fun Facts Not in “The Social Network”

Everyone here has probably seen the new movie, or heard about it, called “The Social Network” which depicts the life of Mark Zuckerberg, Edwardo Saverin, and Sean Parker, who were the original “faces” of Facebook. In the movie it shows betrayal, scheming, and irony. However, there are some things that they missed out on that are somewhat humorous. So here is a short list, intriguing, of the fun things the movie left out.

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