What is this so called gun control debate?

Police in front of Sandy Hook Elementary (photo: wikipedia.org)

Early today @WolfBlitzer interviewed a member of People Magazine that was a part of the team that went to Newtown, Connecticut and did an amazing piece about all the intiment stories of the people that tragically lost their loved ones in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The article tells the story of how the many people affected by this shooting deal with their loss and how they try and reach out to communities. They spoke of one thing that they all want to be remembered and that is kindness.

Many stories talked about how these warm hearted children would open doors for people or pull their chair out for them. Things you and I never think twice about doing because we’re more worried about ourselves. Children are true gentlemen and ladies and are true epitomes of a kind soul.

The Century 16 theater that the Aurora shooting took place in (photo courtesy wikipedia.org)

However despite this tragedy, CNN also reported that there was a sharp divide between the people who lost their children on the gun control debate. So then logically the next question to ask is if there is a divide between those affected by one of the shootings, then there should be a divide between the majority of the country, correct? Well, if we look at the state that has had two of the largest mass shootings in recent memory, Colorado, we see a different story. Being littered with both the Columbine High School massacre and the 2012 Aurora shooting their was no divide in this state. A state that is known for being a cowboy state, Colorado passed legislative laws last week that limited ammunition magazine sizes and expands universal background checks. It also was chalk full of other restrictions, and it drew the attraction of President Obama as he debates the same ideology in Washington.

Senator Rand Paul is one of five senators threatening to filibuster the new legislation. (photo: shark-tank.net)

In Washington, however, the gun control debate does not limit ammunition and the universal background checks are not nearly as strick as Colorado. Yet, President Obama is struggling to get the votes he needs to pass the legislation. This comes at a shock to me when we see that 90% of Americans support stricker gun control laws, but then again 74% of the NRA supports “stricter gun control.” However, that 74% has to be taken with a grain of salt since the NRA denounced the United Nations passing of stricter gun trade laws. Which, one can add, was passed with only three countries voting against it, those being North Korea, Syria, and Iran. Five senators also have said that they will filibuster the bill that President Obama is wanting to pass. While the expressed reasons are varied, one senator who said he would not filibuster the bill, Lindsey Graham (twitter: @GrahamBlog) said he wouldn’t filibuster it as long as amendments can be added so that the personal trading of firearms does not undergo registry with a national organization.

Early in January, propublica.org unveiled how exactly the NRA was undermining the President’s attempts on stricter gun control. However, the NRA continues to say that it’s not that they are undermining the President, but instead just believe that he is completely incorrect on gun laws. They released a report showing how giving teachers guns and training them with them would actually be beneficial to the community. However, a different report shows that of nine different polls arming teachers received the lowest positive rating with 41%. Also in this report showed an average of 88% of Americans favoring stricter backgrounds, and over the majority(over 50%) would like many different types of guns banned completely.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre (photo: occupycorporatism.com)

So what it seems to me is that we have a little politics being played here. The NRA makes a lot of money and have been questioned weather they represent gun owners or gun manufactures countless times. With the overwhelming evidence against the gun rights case, it really seems a matter of when will the NRA lose?

The democratic party doesn’t want to take guns away from law abiding citizens who use them for game and sport. They aren’t after your handgun or your concealed weapons license. The second amendment is the second amendment through and through. What they are after is cutting down the amount of mass murders happening. For those of you who are pro gun rights are sitting here reading this saying, “well this is just annoying for me, I didn’t do anything wrong.” Let me ask you this, wouldn’t you do these background checks and extra efforts to have your gun if doing so could save just one person’s life?

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