Take a walk.

I found one thing he constantly did with everyone he was close to in life

Earlier today I finished reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, the stand alone biography about the man who made Apple Computers. Yes the tale was riveting, it sends an enlightening power through your soul whenever you turn the page and find the next chapter in Steve’s life is just a good as the last. The tale follows a man starting from the time he’s barely twenty years old, smelly, with an untrimmed beard, no shoes, fiery temper, and lofty expectations for this idea that everyone can have a personal computer. He transitions into a humbled father, of both children and some of the most innovative products in the world, wearing an iconic black turtle neck, classic New Balance kicks, still with a fiery temper, and lofty expectations for the future of personal computing.

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Small towns are great for childhood.

Infinitely vast fields policed only by the population density of deer

When I was growing up I always had one foot out the door. I wanted to get out of that small rural farm town smack dab in the middle of the no where as quickly as possible. To get there you have to drive about thirty miles south of the halfway point between Chicago and Detroit down a strip of I-69 bounded by infinitely vast fields policed only by the population density of deer. To my ears, that just meant you were thirty miles south of being half way to anywhere that mattered.

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How to differentiate between a full-stack engineer, full-stack developer, and someone who isn’t full-stack.

He finally felt like he could say he was a full-stack developer

Last week I talked one of my closest friends from college, and before we ever had the chance to see each other in person he proudly proclaimed he finally felt like he could say he was a full-stack developer. We haven’t seen each other in years, but I was aware he had moved away a bit from being on the marketing/financial side of startups to the technology side based on the changes in his vernacular. Heck, he practically has the same title as me at the new startup he works for and I made my own title because I own the business!

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FCC chairman’s defense of net neutrality is music to my ears.

Originally published on The Sexy Politico

Yesterday, Cecilia Kang (@ceciliakang) of the Washington Post wrote an article about FCC Chair Tom Wheeler’s (@TomWheelerFCC) speech defending net neutrality and the blocking of a Comcast/Time Warner merger.

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Vivino – The best choice for a Wine App.

Earlier today a friend of mine invited me to join Vivino, a wine app. From first use I understood it, liked it, and would use it again. The apps easy to use UI is really what gets me excited. A simple, almost Twitter like, feed on the front page and only four options of what to do. You can browse this feed and see wines the people you follow have ranked, you can check what wines you’ve already ranked, check out recommendations and wines across all of Vivino’s platform, and (the best part) get locations for places that have wine near you.

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And on February 4, 2004…

Everyone has been buzzing about Facebook’s great accomplishment, today marks it’s ten year anniversary! You can check out their “Look Back” feature as a celebratory creep on your life over the past ten years. The feature goes through a highlight of all your events on Facebook since you created it. This can be fun, exciting, scary, depressing, and every emotion in-between; all dependent on how you’ve acted over the years.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is simply the worst.

I made the switch from all Apple products at the beginning of this year, and switched from the iPhone 4s to the Galaxy S4.  At first I was overly excited.  I love the Android Operating system, and do believe it is the future of mobile.  Still in love with it, the problem the operating system has is the phones made for it (Google’s Nexus Line) are all middle of the road.  So in-order to be on the “cutting edge”  I decided to go with either the HTC One of the Galaxy S4.  One of my colleagues had just gotten an S4 around the time I purchased mine and I like the features, so I got one.

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The Mac to PC switch showed me the truth.

This piece is entirely satirical.

Last week, I upgraded from my historically reliable 2008 Macbook that was on it’s death bed and to the surprise of myself and all of my friends I decided to switch from Mac to PC. I fell in love with Windows operating system after playing with my friends Surface a while back. However, I wanted to use a Sony product, so I decided to get a Sony Vaio Duo. I want to focus more on my experience in the switch to the operating system rather than the actual product I got, but I have to say, this is a stellar machine.

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Pocket lets you curate your internet quickly and efficiently.

Posted by brandon jp scott on October 11th, 2013

When I got my new Samsung Galaxy S4 I quickly realized it’s potential in new curation. I had all my news and updates flashing before me, and a lot of which I want to read but am not able to at the moment. I like Evernote, but I stumbled upon Pocket (@Pocket) when browsing for article curators, and this is bar none the best.

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Waze is the best mapping app ever.

Waze banner (photo:

Before we left for our entrepreneurial adventure to Dallas, Marikha (@marikhacabel) and I needed to find a new mapping application for me to use. I have an iPhone 4S, and at the time we were leaving Ann Arbor for Dallas the 2nd beta for iOS came out. When you used the mapping application it had a problem with overheating the phone and a problem crashing often, so I wanted something more reliable. We stumbled upon Waze (@Waze) who had recently been bought by Google for 1.1 billion dollars, so we were interested. We downloaded the app and hit the road and saw an immediate difference in the beauty of Waze over any other mapping system.

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