Super Smash Bros made me feel like a kid again.

I was instantly brought back to my childhood.

While I was in Tennessee my dad took us to a flea market. Basically, for those of you who don’t already know, a flea market is where you can buy and sell just about anything. We saw food, animals, firearms, and everything in-between for sale. One thing I wasn’t expecting to be for sale that I was able to get my hands on was a Nintendo 64 and a copy of Super Smash Bros. I finally got to hook it up today and play through the single player mode. I was instantly brought back to my childhood.

The N64 came out in 1996, when I was four years old. Since then the game has gone through man iterations and traveled through every console available that Nintendo has made. However, this is a rare case where the original is always going to be better. I can’t quite explain why or how it’s so much better than any version made after it, maybe I have a soft spot, but when I crouched down in front on my TV and plugged that classic red, yellow, and white AV cable into the back of the television I was instantly sent back to being a kid. My neck was cocked way too far up, I forgot to blink, and I may have died more than I care to admit – but I was a kid again.

I think people need to remember the bliss of childhood. We need to experience what it feels like to be a kid once in a while to remember how we’ve grown as an adult. I’ve spent a good portion of 100 Days of Blogging reflecting on my upbringing and my family, but I reflect as an adult. To truly appreciate where you come from, it’s good to put yourself back into shoes of your childhood self. Nastolgia is often something brought up in self-loathing manners, “I wish I could go back” or “I remember when…” followed by some sob story. This isn’t a sob story, it’s a happy one.

I feel rejuvenated, I feel happiness, I feel like a kid again.

I’m glad I got to be able to go back and play a game I spent so much time playing as a child. It reminds me of how simple things were then and how easily entertained I was back then. I recommend you pulling out an old toy from your childhood, like when my cousin brought a toy to our family cookout that he grandpa use to play with. When my great-aunt got a hold of that toy she immediately ask my cousin if she could have it. There’s something special and important about childhood relics. I feel very fortunate to have been able to sit down in my living room and feel like a kid again. I feel rejuvenated, I feel happiness, I feel like a kid again.

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My name is Brandon, and I like to make things. I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer and Linux Administrator from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I started programming when some childhood friends and I decided to make a private Ragnarok Online server and host it in my parents basement. I got designated "code guy", fell in love, and never looked back. I started teaching myself as much as I could, and started my first online entity, a non-profit, with a high school classmate. Eventually I took this love to the University of Michigan where I studied Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics. During my time there I was lucky enough to work for two iconic tech companies, Automattic and Google. Currently, I am the Technology Director of Argo Labs, an Ann Arbor based digital engineering, design, videography, and content marketing company aiming to build a more unique web that I cofounded in July 2015 with two of my best friends.

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Guy Musch - August 3, 2016 Reply

The Villager is the fighter to bet on. People have long claimed that strategy is actually possible in this game, but I never believed them until I played the Villager.

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