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Dr. Cooper’s theory of Shrodinger’s Cat vs love.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper himself.

The Background:

Earlier today I was sitting in my girlfriend’s apartment watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory in which Dr. Sheldon Cooper (portrayed by Jim Parsons) is asked by Penny (portrayed by Kaley Cuoco) to give him advice on her current relationship status with his roommate Dr. Leonard Hofstadter (portrayed by Johnny Galecki).  This was the seventeenth and final episode of the first season. At this point in the show, for the first time in the series, Penny accepts Leonard’s invitation to go out on a date with him following a bad break up she had with a “bad guy” named Mike.  Penny believes that it will be a good change of pace to try dating a nerd instead of the classic “asshole” she usually dates.

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